Don't Let Lack Of Funds Be The Reason Why Your Business Fails!

Discover How Entrepreneurs With Bad Credit & No Revenue Can Still Obtain $50-$100K In Business Credit! 

What If I Could Show You How To Create A Credible Business, Obtain $100K In Business Credit & Obtain Business Vehicles (All Without Your SSN) Would You Be Interested? If You Said Yes, Click The Button Below & Discover How Were Helping Entrepreneurs Like You Do Just That! 

Here's What's Covered Each Day

  • ​Day 1: The Road Map To $100K: We're going to cover how to set your business starting with a professional business address, correct business entity to maximize protection, obtain phones using your EIN, and listing your business online so that lenders find it to be creditworthy, and increase your approval rate. (This is the road map to getting your business set up properly for business credit)
  • Day 2: Creating A Income Producing Business: We're going to cover how set up your business profiles, start applying for tier 1-3 tradelines, how to properly read your reports, and leveraging your Net 30 accounts to increase your business revenue so that you can start obtaining high limit vendor tradelines without your ssn. (This is how to start growing your business immediately)
  • ​Day 3: Obtaining Funding & Business Vehicles: We're going to cover how and when to start applying start obtaining vehicles in your business name, learn how to get lenders to say yes when applying for business credit cards, lines of credit and loans. So you can start leveraging your credit to scale your business or start another stream of income. (This is how the wealthy becomes wealthy)

What's The Cost To Join The Bootcamp? 

One time fee
Usually $297! 
  • Access To 3 Day Class Teaching You How To Create A Credible Business, Obtain $100K In Business Credit & Obtain Business Vehicles (All Without Your SSN) 
  • Unlimited Access To Recordings So You Can Go At Your Own Pace
  • Business Bootcamp Workbook & Worksheets To Help You Keep Organize & On Track
  • FB Discussion Group To Get Further Assistance To Reach Your Goals

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Who is this class for?
This class is for beginner or advanced business owners looking to gain capital for their business to take it to the next level! 
What is your refund policy?
Refund Policy The Business Credit Geeks Digital Products are intellectual-based courses. Due to the inability to reverse knowledge, you will have lifetime access to this information and as a result, all sales are final. . No chargebacks will be honored. If you need assistance, reach out to us at 

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